Accolades for Capt. Ed Burns

Capt. Ed Burns, left, and Capt. Al Circeo aboard the Cape Ann
Photo by Winifred A. Burns

"We've been following these ships around the world for 18 years now, this is the best narration we've ever heard, anywhere."

- Madame Janka Bielek, London, UK speaking for herself and the visiting international President of the Columbus Quincentenniel Committee. She is referring to Capt. Ed Burns' performance in Boston during Sail Boston 1992.

"I've been in the commercial excursion boat business for over 25 years. Capt. Ed Burns is the best crowd-pleaser that has ever appeared on any of my vessels. "

- Capt. Alan Circeo, President and Owner of AC Cruise Lines, Northern Avenue, Boston. This comment was made after the Constitution's first modern sail under her own power, Summer, 1997.



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