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Arranging a Tall Ships Port Visit?

Capt. Ed Burns provides Tall Ships Commentary for

  • Host Ports during Parades of Sail
  • Corporate Entertainment of valued clients

from fixed, waterfront locations or while aboard chartered yachts cruising among the Tall Ships.

Capt. Ed is the most experienced English-speaking commentator on tall ships available today. He has been professionally engaged in this unique line of work for each of the United States visits of the Tall Ships since 1976.

His good-natured wit and wisdom add charm and humor and an almost scholarly appreciation for the subject, leaving your audience both well-informed and entertained.

If you are responsible for arranging either a port visit or corporate entertainment relating to a visit of the Tall Ships, you must consider how your event/party will be announced. Often, owners of chartered yachts direct their captains to narrate at no additional cost to the customer and no additional compensation for the captain. The narration is free, and it's worth every penny. Sometimes a port visit organizer can get a local radio or television personality to fill in, in which case you may end up with a well-known landlubber regurgitating fluff and filler for hours on end. There's a world of difference between a pretty face ad-libbing something he or she doesn't really know very much about and having an experienced professional with a proven track record work your event. If the outcome makes a difference, you'll have to put some real effort into the preparations. Hire a professional. Among those who know, Capt. Ed Burns is one of The Best.


Capt. Ed Burns
P.O. Box 520024
Winthrop, MA 02152-0001
(617) 477-5817

Capt. Ed Burns, left, and his principal assistant at the VIP Reviewing Stand for Sail Boston 1992.
In the background is the Russian ship, Kruzenshtern.
(Photo: Rose Marston/Governor's Office)


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